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There's No Place Like Home


Maybe there's a place in your home for Hennessey or Jade.

Hennessy is a very sweet and extremely shy girl who tries to climb into your skin, hugging and curling up with you for security. She was recently surrendered back to us, having some fear issues with the man in her life. As you can see from the picture, her fear is not men in general. She adores our handlers, women or men. Perhaps she is afraid of a rough and tumble kind of person, that’s a little too boisterous for her tender, mild nature. This sweet, sensitive girl needs a mellow, low action home with gentle, calm people, calm voices and lots of love. She came out of her shell nicely during her last stay at the shelter, and we will strive to give her the security and confidence she needs to blossom once again. If you have what she needs, she will surely reward your patience, kindness and love with trust and devotion.

Jade is a Mixed Breed dog who has taken up residence at our shelter. This handsome, middle aged guy is intelligent and mature. He enjoys his training sessions here because he learns new tricks quickly and is quite the athlete! Jade gets along with the dogs and people he has met here. At the end of the day, Jade would love nothing more than to be with the people that love him. Want to make Jade a part of your life?

A distinguished Scottish Deerhound mix, Gus is mature and relaxed with people. He enjoys a good walk, knows some commands, loves to munch dog biscuits, and would make someone an agreeable, calm companion. He’s the kind of dog that will especially brighten the life of an older person. A recent article on the New York Times website states that “pets, particularly dogs, can foster cardiovascular health, resistance to stress, social connectivity and enhanced longevity.” Let Gus be the one to “enhance” your life. See more photos of him and other available dogs at our shelter by visiting the Adopt-a-Pet or Petfinder websites.

Sugar was abandoned at the shelter thin and horribly matted. She found true love with her adoring adopters and is now known as Pepper. Her family writes that the beautiful “little fur ball” is pictured “in her role as Generalissima Pepperoni. What a gift she is (to us).”

Adopting a dog from our shelter


Our dogs come in all shapes and sizes.

Our dogs get to de-stress with agility equipment in the outdoor playground.

Our Featured Dogs:

Bandit might be the one to steal your heart if you want a dog who is not only handsome but smart and athletic! He will never tire of chasing tennis balls. Call or visit our shelter to learn more about his special qualities.

Ebony is such a people loving Pittie! She breaks out into the biggest smile (yes, she really does smile!) when you talk to her in the front office. She came in pregnant and had a beautiful litter of pups that were all adopted. She received the honor of spending her days in the office because the kennel environment proved to be too stressful for her. (Part of our "Almost Home" program) She put on 10 lbs and is now a calm and mellow couch potato looking for a home to call her own! She is a Progressive Pit alumnus and doesn't bother with the other dogs around her during her lessons.

There are many other dogs who would like the privilege of going from kennel to office but opportunity and space is limited...so let's get Ebony adopted so other dogs can enjoy the life she has enjoyed these past months!! She has waited too long and as much as we love her here at the shelter, she needs her own place!

Our "Progressive Pit Program"

PPP two dogs
Two dogs are worked together to learn how to socialize outside of the shelter environment.

The Shelter Connection's "Progressive Pit" program has been in full swing for almost two years now and in that time this socialization program has helped place many "good dogs" in loving, appreciative homes.

We hope our Progressive Pit Program will help place more dogs like Peco in caring homes, and help be a part of the renaissance of what is the TRUE pit bull nature.

To learn more about how we work with our dogs and view photos as well as a feature story and video posted on Port Washington Patch click here.

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Paws to Remember
In an effort to beautify our town animal shelter, to make it a warm and welcoming place to adopt a companion dog, The Town of North Hempstead recently dedicated a peaceful, outdoor seating area incorporating "Remembrance Bricks". These bricks can be engraved with a personal message honoring beloved pets or sharing simple, inspirational thoughts or messages for visitors. The Shelter Connection is sponsoring "Pavers for Paws", a program enabling the public to purchase a brick to help fund this garden seating area, while giving an enduring way to pay tribute to a loved one. Rembrance bricks can still be purchased in our ongoing program.
safety day
You're never too young to learn safe behavior around dogs. Dog Control Officer Jenna and friend at our town's Safety Day event. Learn more about our humane education programs.

Herbie's badly infected gums required surgery funded by Mend-a- Paw.
Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter in Port Washington, NY. We are a 501c3 non profit group working in cooperation with the staff of the town's public shelter. Our volunteers are trained as adoption advisors and dog handlers. The primary mission of TSC is to increase both the number & quality of adoptions. We also provide funds to improve the quality of life of the shelter dogs including the "Mend-a-Paw" fund for special medical and surgical needs of the shelter dogs. Secondary missions of our organization are to provide responsible care information, increase public awareness of shelter dog availability, and encourage humane education programs for people of all ages.

The Shelter Connection

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The Shelter Connection is an all volunteer nonprofit charitable organization.  All contributions are spent on programs and services to improve the quality of life of dogs at the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter. 

All contributions are fully tax-deductable